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Eyes Lips Face

-But you've never got them like this!
Okay, that was a little too much.

Onto the review! :)
I have been buying from them for about two years. Now they have been good with shipping and bad with shipping. (Recently with myself and from a general consensus.) They have been great with delivering everything I ordered. But the time it takes to process orders is a little long.

I have bought from their 1 dollar line, mineral and studio line. And if order to give you the best review possible, I'm going to break this up into two chunks instead of droning about ELF.

In the past, (more like 2006) they were a company without a tracking number, a telephone number or decent customer service reps. I've heard horror stories of ELF products taking a month, two months even three months to ship to its final destination. Sometimes with products missing. And because of this, many people filed complaints with the BBB. Better Business Bureau.

Since then, as you can tell, they've come up in the world. They're in Target for the holidays, they have their own Youtube channel, they even provide amazing discounts for their already wallet-friendly line of cosmetics. Their mineral line has been a great little adventure for myself. Especially their eyeshadows.

Upon my very first application I want to to give you a little heads up on the sifter. The sifter holes are diamond shaped, and relatively large. So in case you tap hard to get the product out, be very careful opening the lid. I almost lost Elegant to my own vigorous tapping. :o As for the colors and pigmentation they are really amazing dry, but I can only image wet. Most of the ELF mineral eyeshadows have sparkle, the ones that do not are: Temptress, Seductive and Partier.

As for the scale of the product, hopefully this will give you a better idea of how big the container is and about how much product you might receive. Everyday Minerals (another future review) container is more densely pact with product versus ELF mineral. There is a pocket of air in each product but don't think your not getting your money's worth. .03 oz of mineral eyeshadow will last you months, if not years depending on how you use it. I still have pigments from NYC and I'm no where near empty yet and those are much smaller than both Everyday Minerals and ELF Mineral Eyeshadows. Onto the lips!

I only ordered lip glosses. I'm not a huge lipstick gal. Only because the way colors look on my lips makes the shape of my mouth weird. Lip glosses on the other hand, are easier to change throughout the day and give the conditioning my lips need. So as for a scale of the Elf Mineral Lip Glosses, versus one of their tube lip glosses from their 1 dollar line, versus even a Covergirl lip gloss, you can clearly see, size versus amount is pretty jipped. If you were paying 3 dollars for this, and you paid 1 dollar for their regular tube gloss, wouldn't you buy more of the 1 dollar product?

I am glad I got to try the glosses out, but I probably won't buy any more. They don't taste nice (i.e. waxy) and the dollar tube glosses do taste nice. All in all, try the mineral line with a coupon, see what you think of them. Tell me if you agree or disagree about the flavor or the amount.

I'd like to add that the mineral lip glosses do have nice pigmentation just by themselves and with lipstick they look equally as nice. (I may not be a lipstick fan, but I do own a few. lol)

Last but not least, I also got their Mineral Eye primer. I've used it for two days now, with elf mineral eye products and without. It holds up pretty well. Its light colored, so i'm not sure how well it could work with mid to dark skin tones, but for me (being as pale as copy paper) I liked it.


The ELF mineral eyeshadow is a must try. If your unsure as to what colors to try first, my fair/light skinned readers I'd recommend:
  • Sweet (a shimmery pink)
  • Natural (a low grade golden color, not as vibrant as a gold brick but not as flesh toned as my fair skin. And I'm the fairest of the fair, the Ivory that makes Revlon, the Pale/Ivory that makes NYX get the idea.)
  • or Mysterious (a pale gray-purple. Which looks amazing with dark blue eyes.)

My medium/olive/tan readers I'd recommend:
  • Sassy (which is a mid grade brown gold.)
  • or Glamorous, (which is a warmer dark pink/rose color than Sweet.)

For my darker skin toned readers, I'd try:
  • Wild (a deep brown with vibrant shimmer)
  • or Royal (which is a dark purple)
As for their lip glosses, there are similar colors. So if you like dark colors go for Night Owl and Sorority Girl, because they are very much the same. If you like more natural colors Au Naturale would be a great wearable look for you. If your looking for an inexpensive eye primer, try it. Again, tell me what you think.

---So the next blog I'll be covering their studio and their 1 dollar line,
until then take care!

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