Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So I went shopping...

*cue the image of barbie walking and talking with her friends at the mall...when suddenly they saw...CLEARANCE.*

Ever have that moment in your life? Where you are walking along and see some cool things and you are like "meh, neh., ehh..." but then by happenstance, as you look up at the next isle, a big bright red and white sign in bold letters screams at you. Like HEY I'M CHEAP OVER HERE! And you are not sure how or why, but know you are drawn to it, because you feel the world move beneath you, you are so drawn to it, like moths to a flame. It burns so bright, so clear, you are consumed with this want, no---dare i say--- need to see what it is, that is, on clearance.


Just me? Alrighty then, no surprise I went shopping (had to get some things for the baby) and I hit my usual spot, Target and low and behold I got me 3 things.

ELF (I can hear the groans everywhere. More ELF? You just did THREE blogs worth of ELF, and you still go for more??? What is wrong with you? To my defense, I am a sucker for sales. :D)

I got their Holiday Flavored Glossy (tube) Set. And boy oh boy, if you like Coffee, go find it in your 50% off holiday stocking stuffers isle because their bronze gloss tastes just like it. Its called Hot Cocoa but, my sister and I both agree, it feeds the inner coffee consumers in us. :D The Red gloss is called Candy Cane, and it has the same taste as the minty glosses from their Studio Line. The White one I haven't tried yet, but I love the texture and taste of these glosses so I'm a verrrry happy camper. :)

And yes, half off of 3 dollars, makes me also happy too. lol

I also found the Sonia Kashuk Purse Essentials 5 Brush set.

You don't get a eyebrow comb or sponge applicatiors. You get 5 soft brushes. One is a wide but thin face/blush/bronzer/multi-purpose brush, the other 4 are a Crease Brush, Angled Brush, a Small Eyeshadow Brush and finally a Smudge Brush. It was orignally 10 dollars, that I got for 6.90. Now you are probably thinking, well are the brushes any good? Are they soft? Are they worth it?

I haven't tried them out but I can tell you they are soft, they are stiff for packing and working with eye shadows, they are small but I have small palms so they fit nicely in my hand. The only downside is the Angled Brush isn't as thin as the ELF Angled Brush, so we shall see how well it holds up when I use them. I also think if you are traveler, whose probably very tired of getting stuck with travel kits that come with too much stuff you sort of don't need and not enough of the things you do need, then I would recommend this Sonia Kashuk Purse Essentials. It also comes in a silver case that comes with a mirror and designated pockets for the brushes. So yeah, another really good investment at a really good price. :) Cha-ching!

Finally, my ultimate splurge was the Pixi by Petra Softly Smoky Eyes. Its not in the light green packaging, but in a navy blue. It comes with 12 shadows and the pigmentation is out of this world. One swatch and I just about wanted to wash my face and go play. lol :) I am so glad I found this palette. The only down side is the magnets aren't strong enough to keep the palette closed, so I have to put another palette on top of it to keep it from getting ruined. Also for Pixi by Petra cosmetics, it came as a real deal steal. 7 dollars. Most of her cosmetics (like on her site, Pixi Beauty or at Target sell for in the tens, twenties, even thirty dollar range.)

Note: Unfortunately, I had the flash on for these pictures, because it was night time by the time I got home and frankly, they would have looked weird if I had done some other camera setting. So take notice of how light these colors appear, but I assure you the flash has just washed them out a little. The black (at the first left) is a true matte black. The next is a silver with sparkle, the brown is a darker more rustic cool toned brown. The purple is more like Raspberry Truffle, or a burgundy brown for those that don't have ELF Studio single shadows. 
At the second left, The first is a warm mid-tone brown, the next is a red-copper, the third is a cool toned charcoal (it doesn't have blue in it, but its cooler compared to the Silver.) and the forth is a warm light brown.

At the 3rd left, these I would classify as your everyday neutrals. There is another brown shade, a neutral golden brown, a taupe and finally a creme colored shadow.

Alright that is it for now,
Take care

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