Tuesday, January 5, 2010

double liner effect :D

I don't want to be all pugnacious and say its my idea ...but in a way... I really haven't seen too many guru's pulling this one off. (...let it go Christina, and get to the talking!) The last 4 days I've been dabbling with the usual girly stuff and I've come up with a few looks for every-day glasses wearers (such as my self) can do.

This one is similar to lining the lower lash line with a pop of color, but instead using it half way into the eye. It adds more emphasis and if you are near sided ( like me) lining your eye all the way to the duct (unless its not done super thin) will make your eyes shrink dramatically. I find lining the last half of my outer lash line, (either top or top and bottom) keeps my eyes open and as large as my coke bottle thick lenses will let me. (I have bad eyes. One day they shall get corrected!...one day.)

Duo-Liner Effect:

First, I used an angled eye brush for this. I reused the brush for both colors and I wet both the shadow colors before applying. Now, line your eye half way to the middle of your iris. (keep looking forward into the mirror) Use what ever color you want. Something bold, something black, something soft, something smoky.

Then, wing out the first color closest to your eye. (I did two different wings, a cat eye and an extended line. I'm not going out of the house so slightly off make up is fine for today. lol The picture at the top is an extended line.)

With the same angled liner brush. (I could never pull this off with a square brush, but if you can, got for it.) clean it, wet the second shadow, then start at the inner corner and go right along top of the first color. Stopping just short of the wing. If you can meet the colors, do so.

Now, as I said earlier, lining with a relatively
noticeable thick line starting before
where your iris naturally sits on your eye
will make your eyes EVEN smaller for
near-sided glasses wearers.
However, you can use medium toned colors
(no Blacks, Charcoals, Forests Greens, Navys)
like Copper and bring that color to your inner eye.
It won't be as harsh as black would be. :)

As long as you line your eyes thinly
to the middle of your iris and slowly
thicken out your line towards the
end of your lash line, you will
have beautifully lined eyes. :)

You can tight line you upper and lower water line if you choose. (Another alternative to lining your eyes.) In my case, I had little time to get ready today. I finished with curling my lashes and used Blue Mascara from VS Beauty Rush on my top and bottom lashes.

How it looks with open eyes and no glasses. Excuse the stoner expression. Im hungys. :(

With closed eyes. I did prime my eyes and use a matte flesh tone eyeshadow before lining my eyes.

All together now! I used SmashBox Primer, mineral corrector, foundation and concealer, bronzer, blush and gloss aside from everything else. Also notice the shower head. lol

Times to go eats :3
Take care,

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