Monday, January 18, 2010

Your pretty!

I'm not sure if its a trend, but don't you feel sometimes we wear too much? know, make up? I took the liberty of writing down my usual routine when it comes to go out in public and its sort of staggering...

Christina's Usual Routine:
  1. Loreal's Pore Minimizer skin re-smoother.
  2. Avon's ANEW face perfecting lotion spf 15.
  3. Primer, I'm finishing up my Smashbox at the moment.
  4. Either mineral or liquid foundation. Mineral: color corrector in green, foundation, then concealer. Or Liquid: mix both NYX pale and Revlon's Colorstay in Ivory, then conceal.
  5. Set face with powder. (Right now its ELF's HD powder, the silica one.)
  6. Contour face.
  7. Eye primer.
  8. Eyeshadows.
  9. Curl Lashes.
  10. Mascara.
  11. Brows, set with gel. (I'm not partial to drawn brows)
  12. Blush.
  13. Gloss.
  14. Phew...I'm done.
So the other day I tried to reduce my stagger list of thing I do to my face to get pretty and it turns out to be a disaster. Mineral concealer can cake and spread, exposing large pores, which I have thanks to my genes. Luminizer does not work well when it doesn't match the skin. And without blush, I looked dead. :/

Then today, I thought of trying another way of reducing the amount of products on my face, but I just gave up. Its probably better that I do a bare face all day. Letting spots and scars heal. (Chocolate is a bad snack, especailly for a week and half straight.) I might work on another video for YT. (Yes, I'm finally making my small steps towards YT.) And I came across a brilliant idea when my hubby told me I looked beautiful today. :) In fact, he likes it when I wear less make up.

So it makes me think. 
Why do we beat our faces? 
Why do we wear make up in the first place? 
Does it help your confidence? 
Do you wear it to attract the opposite sex? 
Do you wear it because its girly?

For me, at first make up was self expression, when I was younger. But now its a way of taking care of myself, like making myself look presentable. You know what i mean? Its like, I'd iron my dress shirt before I went to work. I'd clean off the mud off of my sneakers before I met a girl for a date. I'd brush my teeth so I wouldn't frighten thousands with my hello. But I think a good portion of women who are on YT who talk about make up, do it like a pony show.

Instead of hearing this is me, we see this is my make up. And I believe if you have have good skin, why not celebrate it? Why mask it with senseless foundation? Men prefer woman to be touchable creatures, not the kind that gets pissy when you mess with their hair. Make up is always suppose to enhance, but it can't create a good heart, a wonderful sense of humor, or a witty charm you have on the masses. It can't make you more likable or kind, or goal orientated. It can only do so much.

So if you are a plain bitch, and if you think because your eyes have a sultry smolder, it won't mean that eventually people will see right through you. We will and we do. And if you've got a problematic complexion and you use cosmetics to hide it until your skin is better, people see that too. In fact sometimes the world is so harsh about who we are as individuals, make up can also be a refuge. I speak from experience because I know what its like to be picked on, or talked about, or mocked because I wore make up or had acne. It sucks. It really fricking sucks. But do you want to know what helped me the most?

Learning and teaching myself the purpose of my make up. 

My sister rarely wears foundation because she no longer gives two hoots about what people say about her. Thats bravery in a small but magnificent way. For me, I realized it doesn't matter what you paint yourself with, eventually night will come, you will wash your face away, and who will you be then? The same person? Or someone you don't even recognize?

When I look in the mirror, or when I'm playing with my daughter I am the same person with make up as I am without. And she laughs at me either way. Which feels good, because being who you are is confidence, not what you wear.

Much love and respect,

ALSO: Check out my second youtube video. Its just the PopBeauty Swatches. It was easier to make a mini movie vs. posting them here. :)

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