Thursday, January 14, 2010

That youtube thing...

I must apologize for being away as things have been more busy than usual. I'm off of a school semester break and back going to school. I was busy taking care of sick family then subsequently, got sick myself. (I still am pretty sick, sneezing, congested and coughing a lung up.) And furthermore I wasn't sure what I'd blog about next. I was really looking forward to doing a review on some Boots items, but I got a skin allergy to one of the products. Which for me is unheard of.

My skin can handle a tooth brush with aspirin bits and I got a rudy red face from something that was a moisturizer?! Anyways, I'm trying to figure out how else I can use it because, I did buy it, and i don't want it to go to waste. That is the practical side of me that sometimes gets in the way of reality. lol

Now I brought up youtube for a reason.
I've tried making a few intro "hello this is me" videos but nothing has really turned out well. My mother schedule is all over the place so being able to film is like running a marathon. I have to be cleaned up, baby has to be either napping or playing happily, and no one else should be in the house (its stage fright for me for them to walk in and ask, why are you talking to a camera?).
Also I don't want to jump on the youtube make-up guru band-wagon. It sounds incredibly harsh but its true. Suddenly out of the woodwork comes flocks of new people who know about make up, skin and fashion and for me, I feel two ways: You are just trying to become a you-tube partner with your haul videos alone or you are really passionate about it...and damn good at what you can do.

I've followed a good amount of ladies and gents and let me tell you, I can sniff out a fake fast.

If they have an attitude or they are 17. I will stray away from you.
If they can't talk on camera, like all they can do is ooh and aahhh a color, I'll not watch you either.
And finally, if all they do is act retarded by thinking they are funny, I'm booking it with some g-force from you.

I want to educated, not be bragged to about what MAC things they got "this" time. I want to know about good products for many people, not just for yourself. So eventually I'll stop the jitters, find some time and post an intro video of some sort.

I have an idea of what the content will be, primarily, like this blog. A review zone. Like nothing but comparing, reviewing, analyzing, explaining whats in the product. Like giving people the dirt, not just the glam of products. I want to be as real as I can be for people.

Anyways, thats all for now
I want to get scrubbed up and take more medicines. :D

Oh! I was wondering what sort of camera and editing software I should use. I tried that movie maker and I'm not getting it. lol


P.S. I went and did it.
Here is my first youtube video. lol
hello. :)

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