Monday, January 4, 2010

PopBeauty Palettes

Greetings, my readers. :) Today I have a review on the PopBeauty Palettes that you can get at Victoria Secrets, ULTA or their site PopBeauty. I'd highly recommend buying them at VS because I paid full price for the zebra print for my sister around Christmas Time. I came back the next day and it was for 17 bucks. :|

The gold palette is called the 24K Gold Goddess Clutch palette, and the Silver is their original Goddess Clutch palette. They go for 32.00 each. Finally the zebra print is their Day to Play Goddess Clutch palette, and that currently retails for 36.00 by itself. I got them (the 3 of them) for 37 dollars because VS was having a sale on cosmetics.

Onto the review!

24K Gold Goddess Clutch Palette:

I bought a second one of these for my mother, because she wanted some make up to wear on special occasions. She hasn't wore it in a very long time and she keeps thinking she can use the old stuff she has. Esh. So I found this palette and got it for her. :D And it turns out, I sort of got envious of it and got myself one too. (Tisk tisk, Christina!) Alas, I love this palette mucho. The shadows are all shimmery and pretty, not glittery and too trendy. My mom especially loves the wearable nature of this product. And the green eyeshadow, third up on the left side, is the reason I was wowed in the very first place. Turquoise and sea greens are some of her favorite colors that look really nice on her. :)

As for the colors on the left side of the palette, the top two colors are blush and highlight and the bottom is a giant lip color. These pictures were taken without flash in natural daylight and are as truthful as swatches as I can get. :) This palette is great for many skin tones because of the natural and neutral eyeshadow shades. My mom is warm dark brunette brown eyed lady. In the summer she tans, in the summer I roast like a duck. My mom looks great is browns, blues, even cranberry reds. Me on the other hand, I am copy paper white, and blond with blue eyes. Yet this palette suits us both incredibly well. :)

Eyeshadow colors from the left to right, starting from the top:

Left Side: 
  • a pearl white
  • soft sea foam green
  • a champagne color
  • a pewter color
Right Side:
  • a pale medium gold color
  • a yellow-gold
  • a copper gold
  • soft dark brown

Interesting note I must point out: 
You can remove the make up
contents out of these clutches.
Then they transform into clutches
for your everyday life! How cool is that?

Silver Goddess Clutch Palette:

This palette has been a fun one to try. Its got more wines, blues and pinks that I'd ever expect. And I'm a little nervous to bust out the fuchsia on the 3rd right, but again, like its 24k cousin, the colors blend well, hold up and look pretty, never gaudy. There are two blushers on the left, and at the very top, a lip color too.
The colors from top to bottom, from left to right:

Left Side:
  • medium brown
  • dark silver
  • sangria/burgundy
  • charcoal gray w/small blue glitter
Right Side:
  • a light opalescent taupe/silver color
  • the "fuchsia", is more of a cool rose color
  • a light brown
  • a soft pink
As I said earlier these are shimmery shades, they have a pearl finish to them. Which the young and old can wear. They are pretty without being too hunky chunky glittery. :)

Day to Play Goddess Clutch Palette:

You get 18 shadows and a mirror in this palette. At first I was just amazed at all the pretty colors, but then I realized the pans for the shadows are too narrow and long. I own a majority of large eyeshadow brushes, so if you are like me and you have this palette you may find it difficult to use. :( And trying to use them wet swatch them didn't work out so well with a brush but by finger tip, they did a good job. These colors are highly pigmented, some are shimmery and some are matte.

Starting from the top of the palette, then from left to right:
**There are duplicate colors in this palette that can be found in both Goddess 24k and Silver clutch.

Left Side:
  • a soft black
  • a matte middle gray
  • a bright blue
  • a dark forest green
  • an army green
  • a kelly green
  • a darker but brighter blue
  • a turquoise blue
  • a copper color
  • a rust colored shadow
  • a fuchsia, a brighter pink than in the silver palette
  • a warm amethyst color
Right Side:
  • a cool dark brown
  • a cool medium brown
  • a warm misty purple
  • a champagne color
  • a warm yet soft yellow
  • a sea foam color

If you wanted something that had a little bit of diversity but you didn't want to own large full sized wild colors, I'd recommend the Day to Play Palette. It has versatility, spunk and a beautiful range of wicked looking colors. The only down side is the pans are long and narrow, which not every brush can fit into without mixing into other neighboring colors. If you are a traveler or you like to carry a multifunctional palette, then these 24K Gold Goddess Clutch or the Silver Goddess Clutch palettes may be for you. They don't organize themselves according to skin tone, so if you want neutral but pretty colors, then the 24k Gold palette is up your alley. If you want bold, dramatic, sensual colors, the Silver Goddess palette is just for you. PopBeauty has a 3rd palette, called the Rock and Roll Clutch, and that looks pretty swanky, if I do say so myself, and I do. :p Overall, you are buying lovely pearly shadows, that have a breathtaking effect on your skin. Image a candle light effect, every day. :)

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